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Get Married Your Way! Wedding Info Form

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  •   We have our own vows we would like to use
      Wedding 1 - Standard Non-Denom Christian
      Wedding 2 - Short and Simple
      Wedding 3 - Christian Everything
      Wedding 4 - Alternative Spiritual (Short Version)
      Wedding 5 - Alternative Spiritual (Full version)
      Wedding 6 - Secular (No Religion)
      Wedding 7 - Modern, Non-Denominational
      Wedding 8 - Hispanic Style
  •   Say I Do
      Repeat Vows to one another
      Write your own vows
      Write and Read Your Own Vows To Each Other
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      Secular (non-religious)
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  •   Indoors
  •   Highly Organized
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      Wedding party will walk in and out of the wedding
      in single file
      as couples
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  •   Formal: Wedding Gown; Long Dresses and Tux
      Semi-Formal: Dressy dresses and Suits and Tie
      Casual: Comfortable everyday clothing
      Special Theme: Do you want me to wear a special costume or color?
      In Pajamas
  •   None
      Unity Candle
      Sand Ceremony
      Rose Ceremony
  •   No Additional Elements
      Forming a New Family with Existing Children
      Say something and/or give a gift to the children
      Recitations by friend of family member
      Musical Solo
      Special Announcements
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