Jan 012013

Here is a short list of the bare minimum requirements for getting legally married in the State of Oklahoma, current as of December, 2014.

  1. A Bride and Groom. Those to be married must be two (2) people of ANY sex.
  2. Both parties must be over the age of 18 (or else you will need Mom, Dad or Guardian in person to provide their  signature for permission).
  3. To get your marriage license, both Bride and Groom must appear together in person at the courthouse and have at least two (2) legal forms of identification each (i.e., driver’s license in good standing, birth certificate, social security card, etc.)
  4. You have ten (10) days to have your ceremony and return the signed license to the courthouse from which you got it.
  5. $50 in cash to pay for the license.
  6. There must be two (2) witness present during the ceremony. They required to sign the marriage license (along with the bride and groom) in the presence of the wedding officiant.
  7. You must contract the services of an ordained minister registered by the State of Oklahoma or a legal judge to perform the ceremony. Having a Justice of the Peace to perform the wedding (as seen in old movies) is not a possibility in the state of Oklahoma at this time. Some courthouses in Oklahoma do provide an officiant to perform the marriage. The price may vary for this service. Many courthouses in the larger cities have stopped providing this service, however.

Wedding Rings are optional, but usually desired.

Marriage Counseling is NOT required by law, but is highly recommended (especially if you think you don’t need it!) Also, the State offers a marriage License Fee discount if you can arrange to get counseling from an approved counselor. Look to the links o this site for more info.

Please visit our Contact page to call or send us an email. I will come to you and marry you in a chapel, hotel ballroom, restaurant, on the sightseeing boat in Brick Town, on a ferris wheel at the state fair, in your backyard,  a living room, a park, picnic area, at the lake, wherever you like, within reason.