Feb 072015

GMYW! Supports GLBT! Get Married Your Way! is an egalitarian, progressive, universal and spiritually conscious enterprise. We are happy to perform your wedding ceremony as a Celebration of Love, in whatever way you find most meaningful and memorable. By any account, glbt individuals walk a difficult path. Mainstream culture is rife with intolerance towards any […]

Jan 012013

Here is a short list of the bare minimum requirements for getting legally married in the State of Oklahoma, current as of December, 2014. A Bride and Groom. Those to be married must be two (2) people of ANY sex. Both parties must be over the age of 18 (or else you will need Mom, Dad […]

May 192010

Ideal Locations for Your Oklahoma Wedding Hardly a day goes by without someone asking me where can they get married that is different, special, and at a reasonable price. Central Oklahoma is filled with romantic, affordable, memorable places for your wedding site. In the last ten years of performing weddings, I have collected a very […]

Feb 072010

Services & Fees Services “Weddings Your Way” is our motto! Our goal is to listen and help you and your future spouse create a memorable and unique marriage ceremony. Your Vows will be printed out and bound as a fine souvenier keepsake that you can refer to whenever times call for it. You will also […]