Feb 072015

GMYW! Supports GLBT!

Get Married Your Way! is an egalitarian, progressive, universal and spiritually conscious enterprise. We are happy to perform your wedding ceremony as a Celebration of Love, in whatever way you find most meaningful and memorable.

By any account, glbt individuals walk a difficult path. Mainstream culture is rife with intolerance towards any diversity from the norm. People who are different in any way, especially regarding issues of gender and sexuality, are often the targets of a wide range of abuse. The fact that such a person can love at all under such conditions proves that the source of their love is from within. It is beyond social conditioning, but rather a principle of being. I personally believe this raises their capacity for love to an evolved spiritual quality. Anybody who has had to endure the fire-and-brimstone routine has more than earned the right to love whomever and however they choose.

Since civil marriage is not a religious affair, it is not subject to religious considerations. If a couple (of legal age) freely chooses to commit to the terms of a (ostensibly) lifelong bond that civil marriage entails, why should it matter what shape their bodies are? We believe that any and all couples who wish to marry ought to be accorded the same rights and privileges, without discimination. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently also of this opinion, and has provided a long-awaited recognition of the needs of many alternative lifestyle Oklahomans.

The winds may yet again change in regard to this volatile social issue, so if you really are sure you are ready to commit, then all I have to  say is…

Go For It! 🙂


Rev. Richard


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