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This is a real “sermon” which I composed and delivered as part of the wedding ceremony of a young couple in their parents ranch home in rural Oklahoma, before about 60 family and friends. They told me they were spiritual, but not religious, and really loved scientific inquiry. It must have been syncronicity that brought us together for the occasion, as I felt I could let my creative muse run wild with my own eclectic blend of science and holistic philosophy woven together. The flow and structure of the rest of the ceremony was very traditional, but highly integrated and tweaked with global cultural influences and principles of intuitive integrity. It turned out great, and everybody was pleased with the results.

Contact me if you want to create a wedding ceremony that rings closer to to your heart’s true resonance.

Rev. Richard


We are gathered to join
Jason & Jacquelyn
into the shared condition of Holy Matrimony.
They come here as free, consenting adults 
who wish to give themselves to each other.
The vows that they have come here to take
have already been made in their hearts 
and to each other.

We have been graciously invited here by them 
to witness those vows made legal and public.

There is a Science of the Heart.

The Human Heart is richly filled with neurons,
generating a pulsating electromagnetic field
over 60 times greater than that of the brain,
and which has been measured out to a radius of 10-15 feet from the body.

We stand now together
within the collective heart-field of one another.

This heart-field continuously fluctuates
in direct correlation to our changing emotional states.
It has been shown that we can alter our heart-rhythms
by intentionally shifting our emotional point of focus, and vice-versa.
This means we can exercise choice in how we experience life.

Evidence exists that the Heart is the central organ of the deep bodymind,
independently co-regulating brain functions and hormonal balances,
and literally provides the drum-beat, the holistic unifying signal
that permeates our entire body.

The Heart gives the whole-organism viewpoint,
by which all cells of the body are aligned and engaged
in service to a higher order of functionality
than they can possible hope to perceive.

Heart-rate-variability is normal,
and we function best when we learn to intuitively cultivate
a condition of greater emotional coherence within ourselves.
Whatever we accomplish in our own heart
eventually may become reflected in the hearts of others
through natural entrainment and resonance.
Coherence is transmissible, measurable…
we can and do have an effect on others around us.

The highest measurable states of coherence
have been correlated to the emotional states of Love and Appreciation.

Our Integral Heart Intelligence
is a deeper and more profound center of awareness,
from which we can perceive 
the yet-still-higher-order fields
of nested, self-organizing intelligence 
of planet, sun and galaxy.

And so, I ask that we all take a deep breath, 
get in tune with ourselves
and enter this moment 
from our deeper heart-based awareness,
the authentic center of our lives.

Life and all things are intimately interwoven,
and a meaningful life is only as good 
as it’s alignment
with it’s total existential matrix.

Therefore, in the name of 
all that we hold most meaningful in our lives,
we give thanks for the blessings we have already experienced,
and through the wisdom of allowing, 
make ourselves a ready match
for the fulfillment of our most inspired dreams.

Let us set our intention 
and pray for the welfare of all beings everywhere,
thereby including ourselves and our most beloved ones.

We ask that our our words and actions today be in 
harmonious accord
with the scintillating intelligence 
and purpose of our Primal Origin.

Let us declare this moment to be 
Timeless, Holy Ground.

With reverence we come to this ancient human rite,
this joining together of two souls who have found in each other
a great reflection of the best in themselves.

A true marriage is not just a ceremony.
A marriage is an ongoing commitment.
You bring your individual strengths 
and weaknesses to this marriage,
and together as a married couple, 
you have the opportunity 
to complement each other
in the best possible way, 
becoming exactly what each other needs,
as your love continues to deepen 
throughout your life.

It is against the appearance 
of a world flying apart at the seams
that the Irrational Logic of Love 
stakes it’s winning claim!

Dear friends,
There are moments
 when the dualities of our lives
cease to be perceived as fearful opposites,
and are instead embraced 
as complementary polarities of a greater, 
living whole.
Such is the case of a Man and a Woman 
in whom True Love has Awakened.

You loved each other 
before this ceremony;
and now 
you will love each other 
even more 
because of it.

Every experience you have ever had 
has conspired to bring you to
This Moment. 
Now, the past is complete, the future awaits:

Are you willing to take the next step?


If you’d like to know how the rest of the ceremony went, contact us for a copy of that customized wedding.


(google HeartMath Institute for in-depth research.)

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