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I want my wedding to be outside somewhere. A small wedding, maybe 75 to 100 people(is that a lot?). Dont know about the reception. I’m talking like everything though including the dress and stuff. I want to start my wedding savings fund but I don’t even know how much I should be trying to save. Thanks in advance!

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This site gives an average based on US Zip codes of what couples spent on their weddings. Remember, this is an average, but it’s a good place to start. It’s very helpful. Good luck!

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How much does a wedding cost on average?

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  1. My wife and I got married this last summer and managed to do most everything ourselves for under $6000. This included hall rental for the reception, the food for it, the cake, her dress and everything else.

    We also had an outdoor wedding, it was spectacular.

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  2. $42,895.45

    No, there really isn’t an average. You can have a courthouse wedding for next to nothing, or a huge wedding and reception for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every wedding is different!

    You should make a list everything from the dress and accessories, to the venues and food, then figure up how much you want to spend on each one. Be realistic! You can’t have a 5 course dinner for $10 a person. Once you get a total, make sure to include a “misc” amount for extra expenses and have fun trying to stay under budget!

    There are LOTS of ways to save money and still have a stunning wedding. Try weddding website like http://www.theknot.com for ideas.

    Good luck!

  3. My wedding cost us less than a $1000 after we cancelled our big wedding (was going to cost us $7000) for 80 people. Long story short, we got married at my mother in laws house, had a big party and been happily married almost 9 years. I don’t regret cancelling the fancy wedding…

    ps. we just attended a wedding at a beautiful reception hall that cost the couple $85,000.. and honestly, i think it cost more but thats what she told me and it didn’t include their 1 week honeymoon to Jamaica.

  4. Hi the average cost of a wedding is about £15224 this includes the reception however a traditional average wedding cost is about £11000 hope this helps.tc

  5. http://www.wedding-budget.info

    A wedding cost from 5K t o250k……statistics tells that the average wedding on USA cost around $20,000 but you don’t have to spend 20k for a 20k wedding….

    I’ll explain…today many people try to deceive young couples and get as much more money out of them….don’t fall for it!

    this is a great guild for saving money and still having the same wedding…better to use this money on your honeymoon…

    Hope I gave you the answer you were looking for!

  6. I live in south florida

    $28,921 and $48,201 for weddings. This does not include cost for a honeymoon or engagement ring.

  7. I think that you would need at least $10,000 but to do it without skimping I would say $20,000 at least.

  8. We spent $13,000 on our wedding for 100 people. That includes everything except my engagement ring and the honeymoon.

    A big variable is the location of your wedding. Here in Northern California (wine country), people were amazed to hear we only spent $13,000. But elsewhere, you could probably have an equivalent wedding for about half that.

  9. my wedding, champagne brunch, is about $19,000. This includes the meal, invites, a corvette ZHZ for a week, favors, photographer, linens and all the other little stuff. We are having about 150 guests.

    The attire is another $4000
    honeymoon to France about $10,000
    e-ring $12,000
    wedding ring mine $2500 his $ 1500

    Expensive, but totally worth it to me to have my dream day.

    I wish I had started saving sooner, because now I am working a lot and putting everything aside. My fiance and I are paying for everything, . He has a good income, but I want to contribute as much as I can. My gown and attire was presented to me by my mother, so I am fortunate to have gotten an extravagent dress.

    my adivce, save save save as early as you can.

  10. It all depends on how extravagant you want it.
    Since you want it outside, check your local parks–sometimes they host ceremonies for about 1000 bucks. Then they even cut you a deal if you have your reception there too.

    75-100 is not that small but not that large. Shop around to places you would never think to get married like if there are any little waterfalls near where you live.

    I’d say 5000 is realistically a good start.

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