May 192010

Ideal Locations for Your Oklahoma Wedding

Hardly a day goes by without someone asking me where can they get married that is different, special, and at a reasonable price. Central Oklahoma is filled with romantic, affordable, memorable places for your wedding site. In the last ten years of performing weddings, I have collected a very long list.

Here are a just few ideas for you to explore that are both romantic, different and affordable:

  • The State Capitol in Oklahoma City has beautiful ballrooms and rotunda spaces at a very inexpensive price. The decor is exceptional. The big advantage is that is that it has wonderful parking and everybody can find it. For a reasonable fee, chairs, tables, small platforms and even pianos, can be rented from them.
  • Oklahoma City Zoo has terrific facilities indoors and outdoors with great scenery, available catering, and almost anything else you may want for a fantastic, different wedding.
  • In mid-town Oklahoma City, there is the turn of the 19th century Harn Farm Museum and other historical sites.

There are many wonderful City and State parks, call and ask. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that some are actually free or very inexpensive to use for a short, small wedding.

  • Lake Hefner, Lake Thunderbird, and Lake Stanley Draper are visually beautiful, inexpensive, and often there are cheap or free places for a small wedding.
  • For very little money, there is the Will Rogers Park (NW 36th St. and Portland, OKC), with the beautiful Rose Garden and romantic park grounds, plus a Senior Citizen’s building close by to possibly rent for the reception (and they have available chairs, etc. to rent for your guests).

When times are hard, many businesses and buildings sit empty, waiting for someone to put them to good use. You could have your dream wedding in:

  • a vacant church
  • a hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast
  • a casino
  • a dance school, or music school and
  • an old theater, movie house or concert hall
  • a fraternal society meeting hall (Elks, Moose, Rotary, Lions, etc.)

There are many universities, junior colleges, and historical sites in this area. Many museums are often open to the public for a small “clean-up” fee or rental price.

Many churches have secondary meeting halls which they will rent for private use.

Ask your favorite restaurant, if during their off hours, they could host your wedding. Even some chain cafeterias and restaurants will be happy to provide a buffet for your guests at a reasonable price.

Senior Citizen groups may be willing to rent out their space during their “down” time. (If you don’t ask, you don’t get.)

If you’re a sports fan, have your wedding in the stands during half-time at the big game! Possibilities here include:

  • a sports center or arena
  • a football stadium
  • a bowling alley
  • on a tennis court
  • on the green or indoors at a golf course

Music lovers, at intermission or before/during/after a performance of your favorite band.

And don’t forget to ask your sweetheart where would be a romantic place to get married! Remember, collaborate as much as possible in the design and planning of the things that will be meaningful to both of you down the road, and that includes the wedding itself.

Personal Experiences

For some more directions to think in, here are a few venues where I have actually performed unusual and different weddings:

  • On top of the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair
  • On horseback at a ranch
  • A gazebo or tent in a park or back yard
  • Old railroad station
  • In a dirt floor barn in the country
  • Many tiny apartment living rooms
  • Moose Lodge
  • Library meeting room
  • A restaurant’s back room
  • The Lighthouse at Lake Hefner
  • The backroom of real estate company
  • Private home’s swimming pool in a backyard
  • Under trees filled with Dollar Tree Store fake flowers in an apartment courtyard
  • Senior citizen’s home dining room
  • At the site where the bride and groom’s house is to be built
  • A hilltop out in the country
  • OU Music School
  • OU Sam Noble Museum
  • OU Art Museum
  • OU Drama School
  • UCO Drama School
  • Apartment complex’s meeting and exercise room
  • Various school auditoriums
  • Innumerable public parks, backyards, private homes (large and small)
  • And, of course, churches, homes and businesses

That’s a start. There are so many great places that are too numerous to mention scattered throughout Oklahoma City, Brick Town, Norman, Edmond, Guthrie, Moore and most towns near you. Call the Chamber of Commerce in OKC or your specific area for more ideas. Your only big limitation is not your pocketbook – it’s your imagination.

Now, you use it! Dream, visualize what you want and go hunt for it!

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